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Mt. Pleasant family dentistry is all about relationship

November 4, 2015

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Mt. Pleasant family dentistryWho can you trust for your family’s dental needs? Look to the compassion, experience and skill of Mt. Pleasant family dentist, Dr. Robert C. Sikes.

What does it take to build trust? How about considering the experience, skills and compassion of Mt. Pleasant family dentist, Robert C. Sikes DDS.?

What a family dentist provides

From toddlerhood through senior years, Dr. Sikes and his staff ensure patients receive excellent preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental services customized to their oral health and aesthetic needs. Plus, they create a friendly, patient-centered atmosphere that’s pleasant for all members of the family.

Think about prevention. Dr. Sikes likes to see patients as young as 3 years old to get them comfortable and relaxed in the dental office. Then, as time goes on, the children receive the routine exams, x-rays and cleanings they require to keep developing smiles healthy. Dr. Sikes always checks for decay, gum disease, and tooth alignment issues. Sealants and fluoride treatment prevent decay in young, deeply grooved molars.

Adolescents are carefully evaluated for orthodontic issues, and, braces or not, Dr. Sikes  teaches the importance of good oral hygiene at home and at the office. When youngsters develop good oral hygiene habits at an early age, their teeth and gums have a far better chance of lasting them a lifetime.

Additionally, the backmost molars, or wisdom teeth, often create problems for young patients. Dr. Sikes performs comfortable extractions of wisdom teeth that are coming in crooked, are infected or are impacted below gum tissue or even bone.

What adults and senior adults need

As time goes on, even with the best of at-home hygiene and regular dental care, adults and seniors often require restorative care. Periodontal therapy, root canal therapy, tooth-colored fillings, bridgework and dentures all bring smiles back to full health and excellent aesthetics, too. You can trust Dr. Sikes to preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible. When a tooth must be extracted, he works with the patient to replace that tooth with the best option possible.

Besides traditional fixed bridgework and full and partial dentures, Dr. Sikes offers dental implant restorations, working with an experienced oral surgeon in the area. The specialist places the implant device, and Dr. Sikes finishes the work with a lifelike porcelain crown made according to his specifications and the patient’s expectations.

What if there’s a dental emergency?

Dr. Sikes makes himself available to counsel about  or to perform emergency dental services. A bad toothache, soft tissue laceration, knocked out or chipped tooth, a lost or damaged crown–these require immediate contact with your Mt. Pleasant dentist. Count on Dr. Sikes to get you the care you need fast. He urges families to contact his office right away when a serious problem arises.

Contact Robert C. Sikes DDS and his trusted team for your Mt. Pleasant family dentistry needs

You don’t need to go anywhere else. All the dental services you need are under one roof. Contact your Mt. Pleasant family dentist for an appointment today.

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